Creative Entrepreneur Rocket Launch

It’s tough being a creative entrepreneur . . . While serving clients is invigorating, if certain business challenges are not addressed they can turn quickly into obstacles. Beate will share 5-Steps to Finding More Clients so that you can pinpoint your perfect client with great accuracy, resulting in more opportunities, referrals, and income. While most business owners struggle and strain to sell themselves to the world, Beate has uncovered German-engineered efficiency systems that make your clients hungry for everything you have to offer.

This is online course is right for you if:

• You feel that your day-to-day obligations take all your energy - instead you want to feel energized again.

• Your creative ideas that led you to entrepreneurship are no longer flowing like they used to, or you rarely have enough time to implement them.

• You want to run your business instead of it running you and have time for a balanced personal life, too.

 • You need to figure out once and for all who your ideal customer is so that you can laser focus on attracting and closing the right clients!

• Want to walk away with the exact language on how to speak with more confidence about what value you bring to prospective buyers.

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