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The way we work has changed. During my interviews with CEO's and CHRO's I learned what they want from their team members: Diverse thinking, situational and emotional intelligence and most importantly they want you to step up.
They want you to push through structural barriers that they know exist, and they want you to help them to find solutions to the massive disruptions and problems that business leaders are facing right now. 
Because the playbook for what we are experiencing has not been written yet. But, they are so busy that they can't hold your hand, or explain these complexities to you, or even give you a general direction.
Rather, they want you to step up, show that you have situational and balanced leadership capabilities and bring everything to help them to find and create solutions. 


Your networking and personal interactions mostly vanished or are limited to virtual experiences. 

Communication and connections are more difficult without proximity. Yet, leadership wants you to step up. So how can you do that in times like this? It is time to stop wondering about things like - who is getting laid off next, who is staying and who get's promoted? 

In this five-track course you deep dive into how to succeed during volatile times. You will learn to identify your leadership style and understand the situational differences between male and female leadership attributes and how to use them strategically. You will understand how to use the Diversity of Thought concept to your advantage.

The optional mastermind group meetings offer an additional opportunity to work on your pitch, present and implement it. You will be working in a group setting with Beate so that you can practice and build your confidence.


Leadership is given to those who claim it. Strategic advancement is possible when you know what to say and when.  Prepare your Professional Value Proposition and your pitch so that you are ready for that conversation when the opportunity presents itself.

In my course you will create your Professional Value Proposition so you can answer the most important question: What makes you and your contributions so valuable to your boss, client, or prospect? 

The online course features four Main Tracks plus one Accountability Track. It also includes an interactive workbook. See the detailed Track descriptions below.

When you complete my course you can apply the insights you learned to communicate confidently and ask for a promotion, more money, additional responsibilities and hot job opportunities. You will know how to connect, communicate and negotiate with clients, partners, and vendors. 


Are you ready to demonstrate your abundance of skills?
Are you ready to have a strong compelling interview?
Are you ready to truly get noticed and paid for your talents?
Are you ready to pitch your yourself with total confidence?

To help you get your dream job you will receive complete access
to all the training and tools in the Rocket Launch.

Here is just a taste of everything
you get in this life changing program...


This session focuses on getting to know YOU. Understand and articulate what makes you  uniquely qualified. We identify your professional and career goals and objectives along with actionable items so that you can design your plan to achieving them. Of course we cover basics like best practices tips for Time Management and how to design the professional career you aspire in accordance to the work-life balance you desire.

Session 1: Overview of The Women’s Code and Rocket Launch
Session 2: Goal Setting
Session 3: Beate’s Story
Session 4: Time Management and Planning

Now we find the words and phrases to describe how exactly you define your uniqueness and how to use that to your advantage. Learn the key to authentically share your Super Skill with confidence and sincerity. This segment also shows you how you can easily spot and utilize other team members’ strengths and use the diversity of thought concept to your strategic advantage. Who says you have to be good at everything? You just have to know whom you need to have on your team to compliment your skills. 

Session 1: Diversity of Thought Concept
Session 2: Your Innate Personality Preferences, Part 1
Session 3: Your Innate Personality Preferences, Part 2
Session 4: Understanding Your Unique Skill Set

Knowing what you are really good at matters – a lot. Now we are putting the formula together and this one thing alone can make all the difference how you plan your career. You’ll learn how commonly made mistakes in the workplace often actively boycott advancement and how you can avoid them altogether. You will gain insights in how men and women lead differently and which situation requires what type of leadership. When you understand the synergy you will be able to seamlessly utilize both styles. 

Session 1: Understanding the ROI of Balanced Leadership
Session 2: How to Humanize Your Workplace
Session 3: How Man and Women Lead Differently
Session 4: Why Are You So Special

With all the foundational groundwork in place now you learn HOW you can speak with more confidence to gain access to bigger opportunities.  Maximize the unique facets of your personality so that you can explain simply and compellingly the value you bring to your boss, team or clients. Knowing this provides you the power to strategically utilize your Super Skill and Professional Value Proposition to confidently pitch anything to anyone – anytime with ease. 

Session 1: Speak With More confidence
Session 2: Get Access to Bigger Opportunities
Session 3: How Leaders and Bosses Think
Session 4: Showcase Your Best Skills

In this bonus track we will review what your next steps are, how you can be accountable to yourself, how to use the workbook and the interactive exercises. This track will also prepare you for the Mastermind group meetings.

Session 1: Accountability Track:  Focus on Pitching and Implementing

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Our $100,000 ROI 

Marsha and I started Catapult almost 5 years ago.  We are living our dream-- consulting leaders on strategy and talent. We set a solid foundation and were ready to  grow in a deliberate and monumental way.  We realized we needed to learn how to sell, not just consult.

Beate literally changed the way we think about clients, our business, our process, and how we sell.  She brilliantly guided us to simplify our process and focus on outcomes. 

It worked!  She coached us through a pitch we were making to a highly desired potential client. We followed her blueprint and got $100,000 worth of business!  This was NOT fate—this was Beate! 

We are eternally grateful that our paths crossed with Beate.  She is the Growth Architect!

~ Siobhan C. Smith & Marsha Koelmel, Catapult

"If you want to turn your business that you worked so hard for to build into something that you can sell confidently - then this is an absolute no-brainer."

Lauren Messiah, Fashion Expert

"If you are unsure of your sales process, or even IF you are sure of it and want to refine it and make it better, I would join the class right now."

~ Jay Foss, DJ

"I walked away with the messaging and packaging and language we were missing…"

~ Kim Schmitz, Spin Event Management

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