Turn Your Talent Into a Business

The Step-By-Step Process for Transforming What You Love Doing Into A Highly-Profitable Business.










Tweak, Create, Update, or Fine-Tune A Sustainable Business Model

Have you ever noticed how some businesses just seem to thrive on their own? That doesn’t happen by accident. In the first step of the 5-Star Success Blueprint of Growth Architecture, we’ll shine a powerful light on your special talent and your unique business opportunity.

You’ll discover how to incorporate your talents into a business model, what makes your offering attractive, how to communicate your unique value to your clients so that they understand what they "get" and how best to showcase it for your raving fans.

While most businesses waste valuable time selling to the wrong clients, I’ll show you the exact formula to identify your ideal client, where to look for your best customers and how to effectively engage and communicate with them.

In this program you will outline your business plan, a vision and a clear mission statement! In addition we dive deep into the mind of your ideal client and establish an Airtight Avatar that will provide solutions to their unqiue painpoints.

This program is for you, if you:

  • Are clear about your talent but need to tweak, create, expand, or fine-tune what your core business model is.
  • Want to be able to clearly communicate to your client what they get and what's in it for them.  
  • Need a more sustainable business model.
  • Wish to engage in a partnership with your client and want to communicate your unique selling points in a much easier and more casual way.
  • Want to figure out how to find clients.
  • Seek a deeper understanding what makes your buyer say yes and what turns them off. 


During this step, we will review and refine your vision and mission statement and make your offer irresistible. You’ll discover new and exciting ways to create customer interest, and will know how to start a conversation about your business with confidence.


I’ll also share with you the most powerful secrets that will position you as the go-to authority in your field.


Along with shifting your mindset, I’ll give you concrete, step-by-step action items that easily and quickly move you to securing your first new client, and many more to follow.


There’s really no simpler way to take your talent and turn it into a profitable, lucrative business that you love doing, in this 5-week online course!



Module 1.) The Uncovery Session - Gives you uncanny X-ray vision your business and answers crucial questions, such as what makes YOU so special.

Module 2: Crafting the business that fits your personality type and allows for optimum performance, while presenting to your clients an irresistible, positioning as you talk about what you do for your clients, clearly, and with ease.

Module 3: The Vision & Mission Statement Series - You’ll walk away with a razor-sharp vision clarity for your business and a mission statement ready to use which makes it clear to anyone including yourself what business you are in.

Module 4: Creating an Airtight Customer Avatar - Know instantly which clients you should focus on that will bring you rapid business growth (and which ones to eliminate because they’ll slow you down to a crawl).

Module 5: Proven 5-point storytelling method - Effortlessly removes you from the hoard of “me-too” businesses — do this right, engage and attract the top clients in your industry (while everyone else fights for the scraps!)


You walk away with an outline of your Business Plan that shows you, step-by step, how to Turn Your Passion into a Highly-Profitable Enterprise!


Here’s some BONUS materials you’ll also get:


*A workbook for all modules

“Daily 5” strategy, you’ll leave with a sure-fire plan to implement all the steps inside your Brand-new 21 day action calendar and get started fast!

*One-day business plan that you use to build your business

*Customer client profile likes and dislikes check list

*A proven strategy that works better than advertising

*Introduction to online marketing and insights into how to create a “lead magnet”

*21 day action calendar that will keep your focus razor-sharp

*”Describe Your Dream” mindset activity that clearly defines where YOU want to go!

 *One 30 minute course pre-work prep session, that gets you started right away.




  • This is a special launch offer for $997 instead of $1997.
  • I am including a free ticket to the 3-day event How To Sell More and Feel Good About It on March 22-14, 2018 in Los Angeles. A value of $1997.
  • You have immediate access to all modules to go through them at your own pace. Live coaching starts Novembe 1st, is on Wednesday over 5-Weeks.
  • You will complete each module inside our membership site and meet me in addition once a week live on video Q&A call.
  • You have the option to comment on the course modules throughout and I will answer your question either in the comments or during our live sessions.



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