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Grow and Scale with Beate Chelette

We teach our clients to reach their goals  in a systematic and simple way . This is the exact system that I used to scale and sell my business to Bill Gates for millions of dollars. 

My team and I have inspired tens of thousands of business leaders to embrace balanced leadership through my 5-Star Success Blueprint.  

We have helped Solopreneurs, Start-Ups, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as Managers, Directors, VP's and C-Level Executives. The three areas that we focus on are: business growth strategies (WHAT)career development of key talent (WHO), and amplifying the teams combined strength through workplace unification (HOW). Without all three elements in place, you cannot grow, build, or scale your business. You cannot set it up for acquisition or achieve a quantum leap. 

The 5-Star Success Blueprint provides the method to identify where you, yourself or your business may be missing a critical step. Then it builds the framework to fill in the gaps. We proudly position diverse leaders to be successful through the help of our online courses and live events.

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From Overwhelmed to Awesome


We are living our dream-- consulting leaders on strategy and talent.  We realized we needed to learn how to sell, not just consult. Beate literally changed the way we think about clients, our business, our process, and how we sell. She brilliantly guided us to simplify our process and focus on outcomes. 

It worked! We followed her blueprint and got $100,000 worth of business!  This was NOT fate—this was Beate!  We are eternally grateful.

Siobhan C. Smith and Marsha Koelmel
/ Founders Catapult Consulting, Buffalo, NY

Amazing and completely transformative. I came in lost, felt disconnected and confused. I knew something was in me but didn’t know where to go. After just one day I feel so clear it was an experience that was just nuts. The stuff that was coming out of my mouth and on paper - I’m completely blown away I can’t wait to get to work and take action. if someone’s thinking about working with Beate don’t hesitate. I knew this was for me, something tells me you’ll have the same feeling just act on it, don’t wait two seconds. You have to do this because it changes you so much. I told everyone about this because it’s a game changer.

Lauren Messiah
/CEO and Founder of

What a wonderful experience.  Beate sees things in you that you won’t see ...she gives a lot of information you would not have seen yourself… everyone who wants to take their business to the next level needs her.

/CEO and Founder

"With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all."

Caitlin Angeloff
/ Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign

"Thank you so much for your wonderful, practical and inspiring talk! We all enjoyed it and I have noticed that many of us are using your tips!"

Senator Connie M. Leyva
/ California State Legislative

"I was very moved by the presentation of The Women's Code and look forward to promoting this gender equalizing and leadership balancing system to my own company and others."

David Feldman
/ Chevron Manager Supplier Diversity

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